There is at Least One Joy in Graduate Work

I am way too happy!

When I was 18, I was (mistakenly) told that I could study whatever I wanted to now that I was going to college.  Fail.  Finally, after an undergraduate & graduate degree, after TEN YEARS, that sentiment is finally true!  I am interested in several of the ThM/PhD courses at Luther, and the best part is, they think I’m a big boy who can pick WHATEVER HE WANTS!!!  The nerd in me (which is just me, practically), is doing carwheels around the house, gushing to my wife about my choices.  Poor woman. 

I have always been able to read what i wanted to, but had to do that on top of normal coursework & a full-time job.  Now I am going to just be a student, & can study whatever I want without having to double up.  Needless to say, these realities hit home today as I started determining my courses for the fall (more on this in the future), and I am VERY excited for this little adventure my family is going on!


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