My Fall Courses

Today I finalized my 1st round of ThM courses:

  • Topic: Anselm & Method
  • Theology of John Wesley
  • Ethics of Bonhoeffer
  • Augustine of Hippo
  • The Demonic in Christian Thought

I am pretty pleased with this schedule.  A few reasons:

  1. My courses cover the breadth of Christian history, with only a few glaring absences.  I am almost always partial to this kind of set up, b/c being able to make connections between thinkers from different eras and to trace dominant threads throughout the history of theology seems to me to be the task of all theologians worth their salt, not just “historical theologians.”
  2. Similarly, there will be noticeable differences of opinion among these major thinkers, which should be clarifying for my own theological development regarding what is at stake in  their convictions. 
  3. The Anselm class will be a PhD class I was granted permission to take, so I am excited to in a round about way start my PhD the day classes start.   

There are other reasons, but suffice to say I am looking forward to this semester with great anticipation, & readers of this humble blog can look forward to posts on these great thinkers & related subjects over the next few months.  Finally, thanks to the few of you who responded to my poll about my Luther-Augustine quandry.  In light of the opportunity to still study Lutheran theology via Bonhoeffer, the fact that Luther is given special attention in the history of Demonology course, and (1) above, Augustine was the best choice.


3 responses to “My Fall Courses

  1. My wife says “I didn’t realize he wasn’t planning on sleeping, ever.”

    • Yeah, it should be busy, but i think i will make it. Only the Anselm class lasts all fall, the rest are only 6 weeks each or so. So there might be a day or two where I get a little sleep, lol.

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