The Last Stretch

Last night I sent off my essay for the 2010 Karl Barth Blog Conference.  I really enjoyed the experience, and am excited to participate in the discussions.  If nothing else I got think quite abit about Karl Barth, so that alone made it worthwhile.

With the end of that project I have my final stretch of time in Kansas staring me in the face.  This week is mainly devoted to spending time with loved ones and friends, and we will start packing up.  After that my wife is basically done at work and we will be in full packing mode.  We move up to Minnesota in around three weeks, which is crazy. 

Not sure how this will effect activity here @ ST.  I am hoping to work through Hauerwas’ Theological Commentary on Matthew, read sections of the Church Dogmatics, and another book or two over the next few weeks, but really i have no idea how moving will mess with these plans. 

So, my friends I hope to continue posting, but the next post you read might be from the northland.  Until next time . . .


One response to “The Last Stretch

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