A New Home & Intro to Barthian Nuggets

Hello Faithful Readers,
After a long drive, a few days ago my family arrived in St. Paul Minnesota.  We’ve spent the last few days unpacking, dealing with logistics, and learning about our new surroundings.  Although plenty of unpacking and loose ends remain, we are slowly but surely getting settled in.  My classes start this week, so much of my coursework will become the subject of this blog for the near future, but what theological blog worth it’s salt doesn’t consistently post Karl Barth quotes?  So with that in mind, here is tonight’s “Barthian Nugget”:

If theology allows itself to be called, or calls itself, a science, it cannot in so doing accept the obligation of submission to standards valid for other sciences . . . It cannot think of itself as a link in an ordered cosmos, but only as a stop-gap in a disordered cosmos.  But how can there possibly be a concept of knowledge common to this stop-gap and the disordered cosmos?  Any attempt of this kind must founder at once upon the conflict of will whether or not to take up the theme of theology.  And from the theological standpoint this conflict is no mere problem to be solved by a synthetic construction.


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