Must Reads

Travis has alerted us to must reads in theology in the last 25 years, according to several leading theologians.  As the article queries, what books are missing?  Once you comment, get your reading glasses on & get to work!


3 responses to “Must Reads

  1. Although it is relatively recent and I haven’t finished all of it yet I feel like Eccentric Existence will prove to be the most overlooked book from these lists. That is if people actually want to read through all two volume’s.

    • Those are the Kelsey volumes on theo. anthropology right? I know there was much anticipation throughout the blogosphere for their release, but haven’t heard much feedback yet-I’m guessing you’re a big fan?

  2. Rabbi Jacob Neusner. The field of study in the first through the fourth century should be radically changed by Christians reading him and reckoning the Christian story differently.

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