Blogging on My Mind

As anyone who keeps tabs on this blog knows, I tend to be pretty sporadic re posting. I just wrapped up my 1st semester of ThM work, & let’s just say that blogging has been the last thing on my mind until the last couple days. I’ve got a few weeks off, so hopefully i can get back into the swing of things.

I’d like to welcome myself back by encouraging readers to look @ the updated “My Reading Habits” widget to the right where much of my material will be coming from, so look for posts to start streaming in with more regularity. Until next time . . .


3 responses to “Blogging on My Mind

  1. Yeah, my blogging during the term is so often related to whatever I’m working on, or it just dries up altogether once I get into the heavy work. I sympathize with the sporadic nature of theo-blogging, and wonder how the more regular folks do it!

  2. Matthew,

    I’m with you re prolific bloggers-I’m always impressed with how easily interesting thoughts just flow out of some people, & with such frequency. My new reading habits show a few things I’m hoping to get through before Spring.

    Best wishes for your next semester!

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