A Brief Commendation

Like most theobloggers my Spring semester has kicked into gear, and as usual I am quite excited about my classes.  I might lay those out at some point soon, but briefly tonight I wanted to commend to all who stop by Lois Malcolm’s Holy Spirit: Creative Power in Our Lives.  It was one of the books I was assigned to read for my independent study on Pneumatology this semester and since it was a short primer (90 pgs), I decided to get it kicked out right away.

I was assigned this book to study a Lutheran approach to the Holy Spirit.  It showcases how Lutherans read the biblical narrative as it concerns the Holy Spirit, and does so in easy to grasp language.  Major chunks of the narrative are engaged concisely, one of the chief virtues of the work.  While it goes without saying that for some there would be points of contention with Malcolm’s constructions, nonetheless it serves as a useful tool to begin to engage Pneumatology from biblical and Lutheran perspectives.

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