Barth & Pneumatology

Quick question: what secondary literature should I be looking at concerning Barth’s pneumatology?


5 responses to “Barth & Pneumatology

  1. I keep racking my brain over it, and I have to say, the fact that you’re working on pneumatology in IV.1 subsumes even my primary source recommendations, except as tracing its development through the early writings. But it seems like everyone I know has been reading IV as I’ve been reading III, so there ought to be something.

  2. Matthew,

    Thanks for the Guretzki recommendation. I’ve not dug into IV.1 much, but from what I can tell it & IV.2 are the primary pneumatological texts in the CD, except obviously volume I where Barth’s famous trinitarian discussion takes place.

    It will be interesting to see how this research plays out. I’m very interested in pneumatology, & the general impression I’m gathering so far is that this is an area of weakness in Barth’s theology. Excited to see where this goes.

    • Ah, but the question is, is it an area of weakness in Barth, or merely an area of weakness in the normal exposition of Barth after the fact? Dissertation-book possibilities hang off the second tree. 😉

      • A good question Matthew. To be honest I am still ignorant as to which it is at this point, but I have to confess that the more i look the more the dearth of literature in this area becomes evident. That said, I’m not sure that if I would want to focus on Barth for my diss. I say that only b/c there is an additional level of scrutiny those types of dissertations have to undergo b/c he is still such an important thinker. Better to do something safer (read: more obscure) 😉

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