Summer 2011 Plans

So, as is customary in the theo-blogging world, I thought I would mention my summer academic plans.  For me it basically boils down to three primary tasks:

  1. Getting ready for my PhD entrance exams.  They have suggested 24 books for the summer, of course doing more is always welcome.  I’m planning on sitting for the OT & NT exams in addition to my two required ones, History of Christianity & Systematic Theology.  While it is not a deal-breaker if I don’t pass, it would be a real bummer to try to get them done during my 1st year of PhD work.  Best to just get them done now.
  2. Getting Latin under my belt.  I fiddled with it a bit this past semester, but it will basically be an all out blitz this summer making sure I’m ready for my late August exams.
  3. My earlier impulse to begin reading novels/poetry has remained, & I’m determined to work through at least a few classics this summer.  Inspired in part by this list, I have decided that this will be the “Summer of Camus.”  I am going this route because I think I may be able to get through all his primary fictional works this summer, while still throwing a couple additional tiny classics in as well.  The goal of getting a good handle on one author in just a few (focused) months seems the best way to go, and the length of Camus’ primary works appears manageable.  Regardless of how well this plan works, literature/fiction is a real gap in my reading, so I’m excited to start remedying it.  I do ask for patience, my dear readers, when I play the amateur critic at times this summer.  Finally, as I mentioned in my initial post, suggestions are MORE than welcome.
So that’s what’s cooking here at Stubbed Toes; what’s everyone else up to?

2 responses to “Summer 2011 Plans

  1. Excellent! I wholeheartedly approve of summer exam work, for exactly that reason — it’s far too hard to do it when you have courses and your other research to work on, too. For me, it’s field exam and dissertation proposal work, including a solid read through CD III and the assembly of a fall reading course on narrative theology.

    (and of course, I wholeheartedly approve of doing the OT/NT exams along with your standard theo exams. Makes a well-rounded theologian!)

    As to the Summer of Camus, God be with you! I was going to be praying for you anyways, what with four exams — at least Camus will help you keep in mind the absurdity of it all. 🙂

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