Fall 2011 & Catching Up

Fall semester is here, my first as a PhD student.  It has been a couple weeks, and so far I am enjoying it quite a bit.  This is b/c, in addition to the excitement that comes with finally starting, I am starting to feel a bit more comfortable on campus, and think the other newcomers to the program will be a pleasure to interact and work with.

Although my grandiose vision for blogging through my entrance exam prep quickly revealed itself to be too much extra work, I’m happy to report that I’m cautiously optimistic that I did well, and hopefully I will never have to think of the final week of prep again.

All in all, it is an exciting time, and I look forward to seeing how this first year plays out.  While it is clear that I shouldn’t make any promises when it comes to the future here, & thus will refuse to make any, I’m hopeful to post here and there on subjects related to my fall schedule: (1) American Theology in the 20th Century, (2) God and the Doctrine of the Trinity, & (3) the Thought of Jürgen Moltmann.

On Edit: (1) I will also be taking up Latin again (another summer task that was punted in light of entrance exams), so I may mention that as well, and ANY tips in learning the language are much appreciated.  I get the sense that the language requirements may be the most difficult aspect of this process for me. (2) I have updated the “my reading habits” widget to reflect my week’s work-be sure to check it out over the semester to see what I’m working on, as I hope to update it weekly.


2 responses to “Fall 2011 & Catching Up

  1. Derek,

    Just a quick question, what do you get to read in your “God and the doctrine of the Trinity” class?


  2. Aaron! The short answer is … everything ;). Seriously though, it is a Historical/Systematic seminar, so we are tracing the development of Trinitarian thought throughout Christian history, which means we are (to varying degrees) engaging 15 different authors. I’ll Facebook you a few more details.

    Thanks for commenting often A, it makes my blog look good 😉

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