Catch Up & a Question

Hello Readers, it has been too long.  Quickly catching up: I spent a large chunk of last semester trying  to get acquainted with Moltmann.  One of the prevalent issues I encountered and that was in my mind at the outset (primarily because of this) was the need to make sense of how Moltmann’s theology has changed.  While I am still wading in the waters here I think I’m beginning to understand why this somewhat common “problem” among major theologians is especially vexing when it comes to Moltmann.  In my final essay for my independent study I began to flesh out my understanding of whether/how Moltmann changed through examining how he related certain elements in his thought throughout his career-a type of test case essentially. Since that essay is still pretty raw and I hope to develop it for publication, I will hold off for now on that and simply turn to you readers: what do you think?

2 responses to “Catch Up & a Question

  1. I’m entirely unqualified to comment but you did ask, and as no one else has commented yet, I thought I would say that I have heard Moltmann’s name, but that is all. Perhaps it’s time to Goggle his name and see if there is an article on Wikipedia or somewhere that can get me up to speed.

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