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My Courses This Fall: Please Weigh In!

So as I recently mentioned, I am very excited about starting my ThM this fall, partly because of the great deal of freedom I have in choosing my courses over the next year.  Of course, I forgot the ever-present reality of scheduling conflicts, which has somewhat muted my earlier enthusiasm.  In particular, I have a tough choice to make between an indepth study of two major thinkers in the history of Christian theology.  So, sounds like it’s time for a poll!  If you vote, please comment, giving me your reasons why I should choose your preference.  While it goes without saying that I reserve the right to subvert the final results, good feedback will be considered.


An (Oversimplified) Poll on Biblical Authority

Today I started reading David Kelsey’s semi-classic The Uses of Scripture in Recent Theology.  I have enjoyed it so far, my only gripe being that his sentence construction can be awkward occasionally.  His goal is not to argue for a particular method of using scripture in developing theological models, but to provide differing illustrations and tools for how to understand the authority of scripture for the theological enterprise.   

This brings us to our poll for tonight.  According to Kelsey, a fundamental issue re biblical authority is whether it is functional or intrinsic in nature (30).  In other words, does the scripture’s authority reside in the purpose it serves the theologian/church, or is it’s authority found in it’s very nature (ex: inerrancy)?

Let’s put this to a vote!

Required Literature Reading


Time for an informal poll: As a theology student, what literature should i be reading?  I am looking to garner resources, so please assume i know nothing (you might be right).  So if you have suggestions, please comment & include:

  • name of book/author 
  • brief explanation of why they matter/why i should read them

A proleptic thanks to all!

Return and a Poll

I have been pretty inactive lately, but i am hoping to get back in the habit.  So to get back in the swing, i will throw a poll out there.  I have been doing a bit of reading on Pauline theology lately, and am curious what other bloggers think of the “of/in Christ” debate.  If you have time, throw your rationale for why you voted the way you did.  Here you go:

Poll Results

Well, my poll didn’t generate a lot of action, or a decision.  It was a three way tie between three great thinkers.  So since i had to pick from those three, here is what I’ll be reading:


Ta Da!  John Webster’s dogmatic sketch on scripture.  It looks to be fairly short, so i’m hoping to review it in the next week or so.  I’ll have to set a deadline for myself, lest i quit reading it.  Thanks to everyone (all three of you) who helped me decide where to begin diving into theology again.

A Slightly More Formal Poll

So i recently made a vow to start reading theology again, regardless of my class load at seminary.  Since wordpress recently added a poll designer (which i’ve been dying to get in my very elementary version of wordpress), i thought i would let the people decide.  I’ll close this down on monday (after my fall retreat with my jr high students).  So, without further ado: