A Call for Papers

I have the honor of planning and leading this year’s Western Fellowship of Scholars and Professors conference.  My former professor, who founded the conference, is on sabbatical, and he graciously asked me to step in.  Here is some info on the general flavor of the conference:

  • The purpose of the Western Fellowship of Professors and Scholars is to promote the renewal of evangelical faith and life through scholarly research, reflection, and discussion.
  • Papers should deal with issues of interest to Christian scholarship.  They may be in one of the traditional fields of theology, Bible, Christian history, practical theology, world religions, etc., or they may be interdisciplinary, showing the contribution of other areas of learning to Christian concerns.
  • Papers that are exploratory, experimental or provisional are welcome.  This forum may be used to present papers that will be revised later for other publication or presentation.
  • It is preferred that papers conform to the topic (see below), but since the goal of WFPS is to promote research, papers outside the topic are welcome.
  • It is recommended that papers dealing with biblical or theological topics conform to the SBL Style Guide.  Papers in other fields may follow the style guidelines appropriate to those fields.
  • One’s paper will be put on the WFPS site, unless the author prefers otherwise.  All rights to the paper will still be the author’s.

This year’s topic is: “The Globalization of Christianity and its Implications for the Church.”  The conference is October 3rd-4th in Manhattan Ks, at Manhattan Christian College.  The cost for attending is $30 (hotel not included).  If you have any interest in attending, please comment and i will send you the necessary registration materials.  Also, if you merely want more info, let me know.  Hope to see you there!


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