The 1st Step

Hi Everyone.  Just in case anybody doesn’t know, my Jayhawks finally did what they were supposed to: dominate an inferior oppenent.  I say this b/c we have been the victim of the “killer b’s,” mid major teams that we should have routed in the 1st round the last two years (the nickname comes from their school names, Bradley and Bucknell).

We dominated this game, and it was nice to see.  The only lame part was that i had to find out from my manager at work (who also loves the Hawks and can check on the company PC) who was checking the score.  I work again on Sunday, so the Hawks have to win on sunday for me to be able to watch them next week.  Anybody want to buy me Tivo?  Maybe it would be better if i missed it; the last two tourney games i’ve watched i ‘ve seen my team get “stung.”

If anyone wants to see some stats (and i bet you are all salivating at the thought) click here

Keep rollin blue, keep rollin.

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